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Feminism Should Be for Everybody

A lot of people have this idea that feminism is just for that loud-mouthed girl who carries around a placard exclaiming how much the world oppresses her. While this idea is cute and funny at the same time, you shouldn’t trust these kind of people. Not because they are wrong but because they are misinformed.

Feminism should not just be a belief held by women. In fact..

fem. everybody

And yes. That includes you boys. Don’t worry, it won’t make you a lesser man. To be perfectly honest, men who respect and practice feminism are 100% better than man-childs who are chauvinistic in nature.

Fine Dining

Food is a different topic altogether, and one that can be so heavily debated about.

But here I will touch on some basic thoughts.

So what do females eat? No we are not all vegetarians, or vegan, or non carb eaters. I personally enjoy a great T-Bone steak with some gravy and chips. This is not to say that I eat this all the time, but somewhat of an occasional treat.

Often being a woman, assumptions can be made about the types of things we will and wont like, what we will and wont eat. This is ok, and nothing out of the ordinary or overly offensive.
Again it comes back to personal preference. Again from the anthropology side of things, it all comes from our backgrounds, our preferences, our ethnics and much more.

Being a female does then have its influence, based either upon outside influences such as the media and celebrities, or internal influences as a passion for the environment and animals (vegetarians)

Fortunately in this day and age there is less pressure on what to eat with so much available and so many people with different tastes and ideals of what they consume. Ice cream anyone?



So with the study of anthropology; the study of humans, humans use different means of transport.

There are a number of reasons for this but the main thing is because we are all different. We all have different tastes, different desires and so much more.

For instance, a Western Australian tradie male who has been brought up lugging materials into an old beaten ute, has no problem whatsoever getting into a rust bucket that smells, and often that is what they enjoy.
However miss Perth Princess Cinderella, who is scared of dirt in case it breaks her nails, has no chance of that. Instead she wants her horse pulled chariot or otherwise Pink hummer limousine Perth, that is freshly detailed and parked only on the driveway.

Neither of these are better than the other, however we see with the study of humans we are all different, from different upbringings, experiences and more, and with this we can see that difefrent comfort levels and means of transport are developed.

To be a woman in this century can be difficult at times, often we are all assumed to want the limo and that we cannot enter a rust bucket without being frightened. However this is not the case. Myself for instance have no problem with any type of transport, whether it be a car, bike (riding), public transport in a squishy bus or other.

It will all come down to the person and often the limits they are willing to go to in order to get to their destination a way they are comfortable too.

The Female Anthropologist

The Female Anthropologist.
Welcome every body, we hope you enjoy what we put together here. A short or long term project we have been putting together here.

Initially we intended to put together posts/blogs about what it meant to be a woman in this day and age, and those topics we will cover. However we figured that, that would limit us to what we were able to write about. So we expect you to receive a variance of topics on this website

We will always ensure thought that they are tied in some particular way to anthropology, being a feminist or other.

So to start with, we will talk about driving, vehicles and thinsg such as limousines? WHAT!? How does that even relate? You will find out ha.