Sex-Positive Feminism 101

Many of the misconceptions about feminism come from a misconception about the sex-positive philosophy that runs through much of the third wave; a philosophy that fights against slut-shaming (see above), oversexualization, and restrictions of reproductive rights.

Sex-positivity gets a bad rap through scare-tactic reporting about teenage sexting, risky sexual behavior, and sexual education in schools. People often believe that sex-positive education encourages young people to have sex. As part of a very lucky minority that received and greatly benefitted from sex-positive sex education as a young teen, I would like to dispel some of the myths about the sex-positive movement.

YouTuber Laci Green produces the most accesible, well-researched, and overall brilliant sources for sex-positive information on the internet. Below is a video by Laci which explains what sex-positive means.


Sex-positivity is quite simple. It holds that there is really no wrong way to do human sexuality as long as all parties involved give their consent. The sex-positive movement is closely intertwined with feminism because the oppression of sexualities which fall outside the normative (white, monogamous, and heterosexual) is a major tool of the patriarchy. Sex-positivity therefore celebrates the diverse ways in which people choose to express their sexuality– including the choice to not have sex!

There is so much more to say about the sex-positive movement, but I would like to open up the floor for specific questions. What topics relating to sex-positivity or sex-positive sex education would you like to see me address in my next post? 

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4 responses to “Sex-Positive Feminism 101

  1. rick

    I’d like you to adress i.e. male pov on sex positive – how likely is it to be nonchauvinistic and/or gender (lgbt, queer, dyke) in modern mainstream feminism. Also a view into the non white-western feminist discussions would be interesting.
    Cheers for the Laci link.


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  4. It should also be made clear that sex positive feminism is to encourage women to be more open about their sexuality and their interest in sex, rather than lying to themselves and everyone else and pretending to be reserved or uninterested in sex out of fear of being ridiculed for being a ‘slut’ or a ‘whore’. Patriarchy enforces the mentality that women should be ‘good girls’ and only have one partner for life or be married before having sex and should be extremely guarded when it comes to sex.

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