Kitchens, Redesigns, and Feminism


History tells us that women belong in the kitchen. Feminism told us that no, women belong anywhere they damn well choose to belong. Well, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are women who, despite embracing gender equality, find themselves comfortable in the kitchen.


There are practical reasons for this.


First, if you live alone and there aren’t a lot of restaurants in your area, you have to learn how to cook. It’s true for women and men. This isn’t a problem in a city like Tokyo, which has more ramen restaurants than there are restaurants in the entirety of New York.


Another practical reason is that home-cooking is more intimate.


If you want to impress your friends or just bond with them, a dinner party is an excellent way to get that done. Of course, you’ll need to have food. The fact that a good meal can serve as an icebreaker, helping ease people into a conversation, is a bonus.


With that in mind, what should a modern kitchen look like? If you’re looking at a rundown, beaten-up old space, what do you ask the crew from this website to do?


Well, the principles of making a kitchen better tend to be close to universal. You want good lighting, so you can see what you’re doing. You want the room to move around and the ability to flow from one task to another. You want storage that is both accessible but out of the way unless needed.


Good lighting helps make sure you can see what you do and gives a clear picture of what you’re cooking. There’s something quite satisfying about making something with your own hands.


Lighting also makes the kitchen feel more welcoming. Kitchens these days are places where you entertain guests, and light helps set the mood.


Kitchens need to make good use of space, but not necessarily a lot of it.


There are all sorts of homes and apartments with small kitchens. The key isn’t about the quantity, but how the design uses what’s present. Tasks should flow smoothly from one to another, without having to reach too far or break off from the flow.


A small kitchen isn’t going to be good for entertaining people, and that’s fine. You want the room to do its primary function of being food preparation. If you have to choose between entertaining and food prep, you focus on food prep.


Finally, storage should be accessible but not in the way. How you do that will vary based on the existing layout.

Is makeover for everybody?


Uhmm, this question, I won’t answer for you. It is a self-answered question – You’ll have to do the answering by yourself. And by the time you’re done with this article, you sure will be able to answer.

This question is a conventional and contemporary one. A lot of people search this on Google on a daily basis.

Well, my say…? Read on, and you’ll know the spot-on about this argument at the end of your read.

Without further ado, I’d like to make it clear, once more like crystal clear this time around, makeovers are optional and should not be seen as the saving savior.


While it is true that the reason we use makeovers is primarily to make us attractive and more gorgeous, it is also far more true that we are not supposed to be slaves to makeovers.

Makeovers have reportedly improved people’s beauty over the years, and they still do. They add color, beauty to the face. Some other time, they bring out that sort of hidden beauty we might never have noticed by just a touch of the skin by mascara, foundation, concealer, glow, primer, glitter, highlight and contour kits, etc.

But at the end of the day, it still supposed to be our choice.

The truth is, to use a makeover or not to, is a choice dependent on us. Fashion, as we know, is not just what we wear. It is who we are. It’s the very fabric of our society, culture, and value.

If makeovers make you look more attractive, use them. If they don’t, dump them. There are many people out there who makeovers are not good on them. You just have to know for yourself if makeover is for you.

Another way you’ll know is by the testimony of people. If makeovers are good on you, people will compliment you but if more than two have mentioned it to you not to use makeovers, please, dump them – It only means that you’re naturally beautiful and do not need some beauty enhancement.